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heriz persian rugs

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  • (Persian Rug) the nickname given to the two-hundred and the five-hundred dollar revenue stamps of 1871, known for their colorful and intricately engraved artwork resembling a Persian rug.

  • have intricate all-over patterns, mainly floral, but sometimes including animal or human figures, often with a central medallion. Colours include soft pastels and muted reds, browns, and blues. The rugs are fringed at both ends.

  • The Persian carpet (Pahlavi bobNouri-Zadeh, Sh., Persian Carpet; The Beautiful Picture of Art in History Persian fars ???, meaning "to spread" and qali)Savory, R., Carptes,(Encyclopaedia Iranica); accessed January 30, 2007. is an essential part of Persian art and culture.

  • geometric medallion rugs woven in several small villages surrounding the city of Heriz. The rugs of Heriz are large, boldly designed and firmly woven.

  • City on Iran-Azerbaijan border and name for the geometric medallion rugs popularized in the early 20th century. This design remains extremely popular in Europe and the U.S.A.

  • Heriz rugs are Persian rugs from the area of Heris, East Azerbaijan in northwest Iran, northeast of Tabriz. Such rugs are produced in the village of the same name in the slopes of Mount Sabalan. Heriz carpets are extremely durable and hard-wearing and they can last for generations.

heriz persian rugs - Handmade Antique

Handmade Antique Persian Heriz Rug 9'x12'

Handmade Antique Persian Heriz Rug 9'x12'

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Antique Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs #44085 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs #44085 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Heriz Serapi Persian Rugs #44085 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Heriz-Serapi, Persia, late nineteenth century A grand medallion design spewing palmette vinescrolls and finials virtually rules the field of this arrestingly beautiful antique Serapi. Vinescroll cornerpieces give the soft camel ground a hexagonal form, while they echo the rich palette of reds, terracotta, greens, and soft blues of the main floral elements. A vinescroll border provides a framing contrast in scale, while its dramatic blue-black ground reprises the ground color and graphic impact of the central medallion. Serapi carpets represent the finest grade of Heriz, but this magnificent example is extraordinary for its bold drawing and color, even among Serapis.

Heriz Rug -- Ardabil

Heriz Rug -- Ardabil

One of my favorite rugs from northwest Iran - Azerbaijan region. The tag says Ardebil (Iran) which is possible but may be point of sale. Savanna is my young rug assistent.

heriz persian rugs

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